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Our Mission is to offer a phenomenal wax at a reasonable price in a spotlessly clean environment in the most gentle way possible, and to offer this service every time you visit us. We have full service menus for both women and men.

We understand waxing is very personal, so we are committed to making you comfortable both through friendly, straightforward service and quality waxing products.


Used as a post-waxing treatment to calm, cleanse, moisturize and regenerate the skin. It is is also great for those of you who shave and works wonders as a massage oil.


We're proud to offer this lotion which helps in reducing redness after a wax and assists in the prevention of in-grown hairs. Depending on your hair and skin type, we suggest that you use it three days before you wax and three days after. If you have a persistent problem with in-grown hairs, you may opt to use it every day -- again depending on your hair and skin type. You mustn't expose yourself in the sun

Waxing Ladies Men
Full Legs 28€ 35€
Half Legs 21€ 25€
Groin Area 12€ 15€
Pubic Area 12€ 15€
Sphinx Area 12€ 15€
Buttocks 18€ 25€
Tummy Area 18€ 25€
Arms 15€ 20€
Underarms 12€ 15€
Top Lip 8€
Chin 8€
Sideburns 7€
Nose & Ears 8€ 12€
Chest   25€
Back   25€